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    1. BC Office 604-298-7752
      BC Toll-Free 1-888-298-7752
      Alberta Office 587-315-3319
      Alberta Toll-Free 1-800-663-5384

      Plans for your business

      Employee Benefits

      In the competition for talent, employee health benefits are one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining employees. ICBA Benefits is proud to offer a full line of employee health benefit products to cover every type of business. From the owner operator to the large employer or association, we have the custom benefit solution for your every need.

      Want a Deeper Connection with your Members?

      Association Services

      Our intimate, long-term knowledge of how the association world works and what can be done to meet the needs of members, has given ICBA Benefits a unique view and skillset in serving other associations.

      More than 20 associations already partner with us. If you lead an association anywhere in Canada, we can help you with offering a group benefits plan to your members.

      Plan For Your Future

      Retirement Plans

      We offer a range of retirement packages available for companies of every size. Let us help you navigate through your choices and find the best plan for your company and your employees.

      Personal Planning Services

      Specialized Services

      We are known for our expertise in employee benefits, but we also offer a full range of personal planning services. With our network of specialized partners, we can offer MSP replacement benefits, benefits for employees working abroad, bonding, liability, property and casualty insurance, and mortgage services.

      The ICBA Benefits Team

      Expertise and Dedication

      The ICBA Benefits leadership team is fully dedicated to serving your needs. Their decades of experience are mixed with genuine enthusiasm for their clients and the benefits you depend on. Our executive team, client relationship team, benefit administrators, agents, underwriters, and finance team have assembled their talents, knowledge, hard work, and determination to make ICBA Benefits one of western Canada’s top third-party administrators, and a major force in the benefits industry.

      Take care of your employees, and their families. We offer professional assistance and consultations.

      Contact us for more information about our services.

      Request a Quote

      Whatever your insurance coverage needs are, we're here to help life go right.
      Get in touch for your quote or to speak with a benefits expert.